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Can I edit my listing?
Can I edit my listing?
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Yes you can!

Most edits can be made as long as there hasn’t been any bids on your items. If there are bids on your item we will have to make some changes. Please contact us to make these.

However, if there have been bids placed on the item, editing is limited to amending a description and payment details or adding/deleting/rearranging pictures. If you need to change anything else, please contact us using the Live Chat at the bottom of every Municibid page or by emailing us at

Make sure you are signed into your account and on the item page that you would like to edit.

Click on “ edit” below the pictures of your items. 3. Make the changes needed on the edit screen. Then scroll to the bottom and click the blue “Save” button.

You can also edit your items from “ My Municibid"

Go to the “ My Municibid” page and click on “Active" if your item has started accepting bids already or “Scheduled” if your item has not started accepting bids yet.

Once you find your item click “ Edit” to edit your listing.

Edits are not saved until you click save at the bottom of the edit page.

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