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So, how does Municibid make money?
So, how does Municibid make money?
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Municibid has led the way in providing a no-cost pricing model to governments and schools. With Municibid's straightforward and simple-to-understand pricing model, selling agencies and bidders alike never have to search for or be surprised at commissions and buyer's fees. 

We charge the winning bidder a 9% Buyer's Final Sale Fee (which is extremely competitive). The winning bidder pays this directly to us via credit card at the close of auction. They pay you directly for the item at the full amount of the winning bid. For example, if an auction ends with a high bid of $1,000, we charge the winning bidder $90, they pay you $1,000 for the item. If you reject the bid, we refund the bidder the buyer's premium immediately.

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