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Removing or Lowering a Reserve
Removing or Lowering a Reserve

Information on removing or lower your reserve price

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Removing a reserve

You can only remove a reserve if there have been 0 bids placed on your item. Otherwise go to the "lowering a reserve" section.

  • Go to your listing

  • Click "Edit"

  • Completely remove the current reserve amount in the reserve box. Do not put $0 as it will give an error.

  • Click "Update"

Lowering a reserve

The lowest you can lower a reserve is $1 above the current bid amount.

Does your listing have bids?


  • Go to your listing

  • Click "Edit"

  • Enter a new reserve amount. It must be at least $1 more than the current minimum bid.

  • Click "Update"


Do you want the next bid to meet the reserve?

If yes

You can click the lower the reserve button on the page of the item or in your active listings.

If No. Please contact us and we can lower your reserve to a new amount.

Why can't we completely remove a reserve?

If you have bids on your item and the reserve hasn't been met, many times the current high bidder will have moved on from this auction. They were already notified their bid did not meet the reserve and are not obligated to purchase. You can lower the reserve so that the next bid placed will meet the reserve.

What if my reserve isn't met? Can I offer it to the highest bidder?

Yes! They are not obligated to accept this offer. Please contact us if you wish to make the offer.

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