Selling Tutorial

This is a tutorial on how to sell and list your item on Municibid.

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1. To Begin, "Click" Sell

*You must be logged in and approved to sell for this to appear.

2. Choose a Category

To post an item, we require you to choose a category then click Next. For this demonstration, we are going to select Automotive. If you don’t see a category for your item, please contact us.

Once you choose the category, it will take you to step 3. If you mistakenly chose the wrong category, click the back button.

3. Auction Title & Description

Item Title: You will want to be short, but descriptive.

Item Description: When writing your detailed description, please provide as many details as possible, this will cut down on phone calls or emails from bidders with questions. Please be honest and up front about the condition of the item. We recommend entering a contact name, phone and or email address for the person who can answer questions about the item. You may also want to enter times when a bidder can inspect the item.

You may format your description using the formatting tools above. You can bold, underline, center text, etc.

4. Additional Details

Custom ID: This is used if your agency has an internal inventory number for the item.

Voted On: If the item is voted on, select yes and the date it will be voted on. Please note, we urge sellers to end the auction as close to the voting date as possible.

Shipping: If you are willing to ship the item, please indicate this here.

Item Inspection: If the bidder needs to schedule an appointment to view the item, you can list the contact person’s name and phone number here.

Vin: After inserting the VIN number of the vehicle, click Verify this Vin number and the Year Make and Model will automatically populate. If the vin number is an invalid vin, it will state this after clicking the button. Please double check the number is right and that it is only 17 digits long.

5. Starting Price, Reserve Price & Tax Information

Starting Price: We recommend setting the starting price very low to entice bidding. A low starting price will bring in more bidders, who then will get competitive with each other, driving the price much higher. The starting price should be about 10 percent of the estimated market value. The most successful auctions are the auctions that start at the lowest price.

Reserve Price: We only recommend using a reserve if you are absolutely not willing to sell the item for even a dollar less than the reserve price. You have the right to reject any bids for any reason, even if you don’t set a reserve. Our bidders agree to this and understand their winning bid may be subject to a vote for approval or rejection.

If you do set a reserve, this will display “reserve not yet met” on the auction page until bidding has surpassed the specified dollar amount. If you set a reserve and receive bids, but the bids did not meet the reserve, the system will not provide you with any results and declare the auction unsuccessful. However, if the auction closes and it did not meet the reserve price, you always have the option to offer the item to the highest bidder.

Tax: If for some reason you are required to charge tax, select this option and enter the percentage to be charged. Please check with your agency if you are required to charge tax.

6. Add Images

Click the blue Add My Images button to upload photos. The first photo, the one on the top left corner, will be the cover photo for the item. If you want to reorder the photos, simply click on the photo and drag it to rearrange the order. If you would like to add additional photos, just click the green Add Images button again.

7. Payment Details

Payment Instructions: In the payment instructions section, please note your acceptable payment methods and when payment needs to be made.

Default Invoice Comment: This is only for when the auction is over and you send your invoices.

Please note, for payment instructions and invoice comments, if you edit this section, it will automatically change it for any future listings.

8. Start and End Date

Start Date: Select your desired date and time that you would like your auction to start or if you leave this blank, your auction will immediately start upon posting.  

End Date: Next you will choose the date and time you would like the auction end. We recommend ending auctions on weekdays from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm, except Fridays, we recommend ending by 3:00 pm. If you are listing multiple items, we also urge sellers to stagger the ending times by 5 to 10 minutes. If the item will be voted on, end the auction as close to the ending date as possible.

Then click Post Listing and you are finished!

You can also save your listing as a draft. To edit your draft at a later time, go to My Municibid and click on Drafts.

Activate Listing: This will make your listing active for bidding.

Edit: You will be able to make any changes necessary.

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