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How do I list a similar item or relist an old listing?
How do I list a similar item or relist an old listing?
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We make it easy at Municibid to list similar items that are currently being auctioned or relist a closed auction.

You might ask what is the difference between the two.

  • You can ONLY relist items which have ended unsuccessfully (received no bids or didn’t meet reserve). You can create a similar listing for any item.

  • Relisting items will keep their original listing number and overwrite previous records of that item (i.e. bid history, start/end date). Create similar listing will create a new listing number and create a duplicate copy of the item. The bid history will not carry over.

List similar is best used to create a new listing for a similar item. For example if you have multiple Ford Crown Victoria’s to sell with different years and specs.

Relist is best used if you want to “try again” with an item because it didn’t receive a qualifying bid.

Let’s get started:

First make sure you are signed in to your Municibid account.

From the item page

Once on the item page, click the “list similar” button below the pictures of your item. Item’s that were unsuccessful will have a Relist option.

From My Municibid

Go to My Municibid and look under My Listings

If you want to create a similar listing to a currently active or scheduled auction click on Active or Scheduled.

If you want to re-list an item, click on Unsuccessful (it ended with no bidders or did not meet reserve) or ended.

Find the item that you want to re-list, and click List Similar or Relist

Once you hit List Similar, it will bring you to the sell page where it will carry over all the information from the existing listing. Just updated any information or pictures needed and click the blue Create Listing button.

Clicking “Relist” will automatically create your listing with the original duration you set. You can click edit after it is posted to update the listing.

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