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If I win, what fees will I have to pay?
If I win, what fees will I have to pay?

Information on Buyer's fees

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With Municibid, pricing is clear, up-front and transparent. A buyer's fee (% of the winning bid amount) will be charged directly to the winning bidder upon the close of each auction via the credit card you entered prior to placing the bid. You pay the selling agency directly for the full cost of the item. (unless otherwise noted)

All Buyers fee's are aggregate unless otherwise noted. This means after you cross certain price thresholds you will pay a different buyers fee for the remaining amount. See below for an example.


If buyers fee is 9% for bids up to $99,999.99, 6% for bids $100,000 - $499,999.99, and 5% for bids over $500,000.

  • Winning bid: $50,000: = Buyers fee: $4,500 (9% of $50,000).

  • Winning bid: $150,000: = Buyers fee: $12,000 (9% of $100,000 = $9,000) + (6% of $50,000 = $3,000).

  • Winning bid: $550,000: = Buyers fee: $35,500 (9% of $100,000 = $9,000) + 6% of $400,000 = $24,000) + (5% of $50,000 = $2,500).

Where can I see what the buyers fee is?

The current buyers fee will always be shown on the page of the listing under the current price in both the bid area and auction details area. You will also see the buyers fee amount you will pay for your entered bid on the page where you confirm your bid.



What if the selling agency rejects my bid?

If the government agency rejects your bid (they reserve the right to do so) your buyer's fee will be returned, in full, to you within 5 days of notification to Municibid of the rejected bid by the governing body.

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