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For Bidders

Help documents for bidders

What do I do if the item doesn't match its description?While rare, there are times where the item isn't exactly what you expected it to be.
All about SMS Outbid notificationsDo you want to start or stop receiving text/sms notifications when you are outbid?
Removing or lowering a Proxy BidHow to remove or lower your proxy/maximum bid
Watching Items and AuctionsHow to watch auctions or items you are interested in.
Wire Transfer MoneyInformation on Wiring Money to Municibid
Seller is not answering questionsHelp with sellers not answering questions
I won my auction what's next?
Why do I have to re-enter my credit card information after I already did it during registration?
Why did my bid go to my maximum bid?
I won the auction, how do I contact the seller?Do you need help with contact information for the seller of a listing you won?
How Do I Search By State?
Can I have more than one credit card on file?
How do I manage my credit cards?
How do I know if an item has a reserve?
How do I update my credit card?
How will I know if I won an item?
How do I ask the seller a question?
How do title transfers work?
Can I Cancel/reduce My Bid after I submit it?Information on canceling or reducing bids and proxy bids after they have been submitted
I need more information on the item then what is already listed.
The seller has not answered my question yet.
All about Proxy BiddingAre you interested in learning about Proxy Bidding and how it can help you bid?
What is a reserve?
Why did the auction end later than the closing time?
Why was someone able to bid less than the bid increment?