1. To start, create the default invoice comment which will show on all invoices. If you need to change a comment on a specific invoice, you can do so which is shown further down.

At the top of any Municibid page, Click on My Account >My Listings

On the left hand side, scroll down to Listing Preferences and click Payment

Insert your Default Invoice Comments. These will automatically show up on all invoices. If you need to change an individual invoice, you can also do so which will be showed below. Once finished, click save.

2. Create Invoice:

On the left hand side, click Successful under Listings

Sort listings by Need Invoiced and Unpaid.

Go to the item that needs to be invoiced. Click Create Invoice.

Here you can add/delete/edit the comment section. Make sure you click Save Comments before click Email Invoice. Then you can click Email Invoice, this will send to the bidder.

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