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Top 10 Seller Tips
Top 10 Seller Tips

Use these top 10 seller tips to setup your auction for the best results.

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Our goal is to help you sell your items for the most money possible. The success of our business is directly tied to the success of your auction item sales. 

We highly encourage you to follow the following tips and tricks to ensure your auction has the best possible results. If you have a question or need help, please never hesitate to ask us. We are here to help!

1) Take good quality photos and video of your items:

Make sure the images of your item show it in the best detail as possible. Try to show your item in as much light as you can. Show different angles of it. Good pictures of your items will increase the chance of more people bidding. Ensure the best photo of the item is the first photo (you can re-arrange them). If you are using your mobile phone to take photos, hold the phone horizontal (sideways) for both photos and video. Contact us when sending us your video (we will help you). 

2) Be descriptive and honest in your item description:

The more information you have in your item description the more attractive your item will be. Also please make sure you disclose any problems with the item. If you were buying the item, what would you want to know about it? Also be sure to double check the information to make sure it’s correct.

3) Set a realistic/attractive starting price:

It’s important to set a low starting price to entice bidding. The lower the better. We recommend starting at 10% of your estimated market value (or what you feel you can get for it). If you feel your item is worth $10,000, the starting price should be $1,000 or less. Please read this post about why starting the auction with a low price works. 

4) Set a reserve only if you have a minimum you must sell your item:

If you know you can not sell your item for less than a certain price. Set a reserve for that price. Example: You know you will not sell a car for less than $5,000 then set the reserve for $5,000. Setting a reserve could dissuade some bidders so we recommend only using it when you have to. Remember, you are never obligated to accept any bids. You have the right to reject any bids for any reason. Our bidders understand and agree to this each time they bid. 

5) End your auction on an ideal day and time:

We recommend you end your auction on a weekday between 9am-9pm. Please make sure you don’t end it on a holiday or the day before an extended holiday (ie. Friday before Memorial or Labor Day). If your agency is required to vote on the auction results, please end your auction as close to the voting meeting as possible.

6) Set the auction duration for around 14 days:

Setting the auction duration for around 14 days allows us to maximize our marketing efforts for your item giving it maximum exposure to potential bidders.

7) Include a contact person in your description:

While we encourage bidders to ask question using our Q&A feature on each auction page, it is also helpful to have a contact person listed for your items. If possible, include a name, email, and phone number in your description.

8) Answer bidder questions promptly:

You will be notified via email if a bidder asks you a question about your auction via our Q&A feature. Please make sure you answer promptly. This will help increase the chance of a bidder placing a bid and reduce the number of redundant questions you might get.

9) Make items available for personal inspection:

If possible, you should make items available for personal inspection. This is especially true for larger items such as vehicles and heavy machinery. Bidders are more likely to bid if they can inspect it in person and ask questions. You are able to list inspection dates and times during the listing process. 

10) Make clear when pickup and payment are due:

During the listing process, you will be asked to include the payment terms and when items are to be picked up. Please include as much detail as possible regarding the payment terms and pickup requirements. 

Don’t be afraid to ask us for help!

We are here to make sure you get the most for your item. If you need help, ask us! The easiest way is to use our live chat feature (blue icon on the bottom right of the webpage). You may also email us at or give us a call at 800.531.6074 option 1. 

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