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Why was someone able to bid less than the bid increment?
Why was someone able to bid less than the bid increment?
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With proxy bidding, you have the option to set a maximum price that you would be willing to pay for an item and then allow the Municibid system to bid for you by the bid increment until another bidder places a higher bid than your maximum bid. You can place your proxy bid for any amount, if it is more than the next bid increment.

If you notice a bid that was for less than the bidding increment, this is because a bidder had placed a proxy bid earlier in the auction. When this bidder's proxy bid (maximum bid) was reached, the system must use the whole amount of their proxy bid, even if it is less than the next increment. For example, a bidder could have placed a proxy bid of $1,250 early in the auction. When a bidder outbids this bidder on an auction with $100 bid increments, the bid history will show a bid in the amount of $1,200. Then it will show the competing bidder's proxy bid being maximized at $1,250. The next bid to come in would need to be $1,350 to outbid that bidder.

If you have any questions about the bid history of an item you have been bidding on, please let us know. We will review the history and explain it to you.

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